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Woodhull unpacking

So when I found out I would be able to go to woodhull and finally meet all of the bloggers and other people I have admired from afar over the last year and a half, I was over the moon. Taking 3 planes to get there sucked, but travel always has its issues. (Like flying through and past storms!)

[Video from a plane window flying over Salt lake city Utah watching lightning build inside clouds.]

I have a really bad time listening to myself about how much fun I’m going to have, when I’m way too shy to talk to strangers. I woke up on my first morning and headed down to the bloggers lounge where I finally had the pleasure to meet Submissive feminist and got to have some quiet back and forth banter, which eased my nerves by 90%.

When other bloggers stormed the room with coffee and laughter, I was terrified. “I’m just a social media guy… are they actually gonna talk to/ like me?” Was the sentence rattling off in my brain before I introduced myself to many of the bloggers I had secretly been obsessing over and was met with friendly smiles and the deep tingly sense of blogger salt floating on the humid as fuck air. Dangerous Lilly gave me a groggy smile and I was off to the races.

I was jazzed to meet all of the bloggers and everyone who doesnt fall under that category (I spent most of the weekend with bloggers 🤷‍♀️). By the end of the first day, after the keynote and the wonderful meet and greet, I was exhausted yet somehow stayed up way too late in the blogger lounge watching Indigo be turned into a human/bean jungle gym made out of beanbag chairs and hysterical laughter. By the end of the night I was exhausted yet so awake with the fact that I was making friends! (Some of which I was terrified of.)

The rest of the weekend was a blur, between the Dildorks live podcast, Formidable femme‘s class on sextoys to heal trauma, dildo burnings, pot, cigars, and so much scaring children in the pool. I was honestly having the best time I’ve ever spent at a confrence, especially when it started with not knowing ANYONE. I had the pleasure of visiting the dildo forest, and Sarah’s room of swag.

A family of Daddies was made, along with the #TrickleDownDaddyNomics and we all learned that LaCroix still tastes like sad garbage water that someone burped in.

This is one of the only pictures I got of /SOME/ of the blogsquad, my queen daddy Carly looking cute af with all my other new blogging family looking cute af as well.

[Photo of the bloggers sitting and posing in the bloggers lounge on beanbags and chairs]

The last night of being with my new blogging family was bittersweet. I wanted to bring them all home with me. I have not felt a bond this strong from a bunch of people who hardly know eachother.

Without the help of all of you, the bloggers and friends I met at Woodhull and those I didn’t get to meet, I wouldnt have been brave enough to build this blog, or even be comfortable with my knowledge on sex toys. You all started my journey with me.

My woodhull post ends with a sappy thank you. Thank you to everyone who helped me and treated me with such kindness. I dont know if I’ll ever be able to afford to go to woodhull again, but if I do, I cant wait to see you all again.

I love all of your cute as fuck selves. Thank you.


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