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Divainner g-spot rabbit vibe

I’d like to start this off with, I am fat. And sometimes that means rabbit vibrators barely touch my clit due to the fact that, that little fucker is hiding.

Now. Let’s get down to buisness.

[Photo of a smooth black box with gold lettering saying Divainner]

I can’t express how much I adore simplistic packaging, nosey people could see the outside of this packaging and think nothing of it. The inside of the box continues my aesthetic with simple side view of the little rabbit and a charging cord placed strategically.

[Photo of the purple silicone and white plastic rabbit vibrator with charging cord in another slot inside the box.]

I really wanted this toy to be wonderful, I was rooting for it from the beginning but, unfortunately, it seems to have let me down.

I had the pleasure today of just trying out toys that I own and new ones that are coming in and this quickly became a top of the list item. Divainner g-spot rabbit vibrator has 3 buttons, at the top there is the minus button to lower the vibration speed, the center button is the power button which is also used to switch through pulse patterns, and finally the plus button that amps up the power of vibration.

[Photo of the end of the toy, showing the three buttons]

At first glance, the toy is pretty basic as far as rabbit toys go. The thick bulb for the rabbit clitoral stimulator was light and almost completely ineffective for my personal taste. Again my flavor of fat adds that little pooch so my clit isnt really stimulated until I have pinpoint contact.

Unsurprisingly the thicker round at the top of the toy was so gentle against my g-spot that orgasm was far into my future. After 30 minutes of readjusting and changing settings I still couldn’t reach orgasm.

I busted up laughing when I actually yawned while trying to masturbate with this.

I’m sure this toy would be A+ for someone who is more on the hypersenseitive side. With the buzzy vibration its sure to take someone of that matter right to where they are going for, just not me.

This toy is also lacking on the girth I tend to enjoy, so unfortunately it’s been a swing and a miss on my end. (I’ve gone back and retried this toy 4 times with no luck.)

If you’re curious about this toy and would like to try it out, you can get it Here or on Amazon.

  • Pros: discrete packaging
  • USB charging
  • Waterproof
  • Silicone
  • Cons: short and thin
  • Rabbit portion is broad and not direct
  • Very light G-spot stim despite the current settings


I rate this toy a solid half smirk

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