kink and life

When shit gets ugly, throw some glitter on it.

First things first, I am a QUEER intersectional feminist, and I am not afraid.

  • Consent above all else, is sacred and mandatory, without it, we are monsters. Even CNC starts with consent.

*I don’t do impact with most people unless it’s during a needle scene.
*I am a slut for needles.
*I am a bigger slut for blood.
*I am the Biggest slut for people who cry when I hurt them. ( consensually.)
I CANNOT stand being underestimated. Do NOT** underestimate my sadism and do not underestimate my submissiveness or ability to play. If you have problems with that, don’t talk to me.

I am a sadomasochist, a Bootblack, a service top, a heavy bottom (for the right people), and a little. I am not afraid

While I am a very sexual person in my head, it definitely takes a lot to get past my awkward stage, and I am not sorry for this..

If you’ve made it to my blog and you have any issue with intersectional feminism, you can skip the introductory message and just block me yourself.

When I do enjoy impact, it’s most likely a violent and very loud game of 3, 2, 6

Unironically, I’ve learned that I am most certainly a Daddy.

If you have any questions for me, or are wanting to come to a munch I am going to or want to meet up sometime, shoot me a message and we will talk. I will most likely tell you to come to a munch because I don’t meet up with rando people on the internet (Ya know, safety and all that Jazz).